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5-Year Roof Certifications for Composition Roofs


Pre-Listings, Pre-Sale, Sale to Post-Sale This roof is being cleaned for a realtor. The cleaned and uncleaned areas are noticeable.

This section is primarily set up for those of you who are “Realtors” and “Mortgage Brokers”.  For those of you who are the “Homeowner” there is a section added exclusively for you at the bottom of this page.

JET CLEAN™’S job is to get your clients house ready for the Real-Estate market and we will also help you in the final closing stages of the Sale of this property...

JET CLEAN™ will take care of all of your maintenance needs from beginning to end…  Our goal is to make your customers home look its best even if the house hasn't been taken care of as well as it should have been…  JET CLEAN™ will make your clients home look like the house was taken well care throughout it’s life.  JET CLEAN™ will also add just the right finishing touch’s that will make the difference with the sale.

This “Before” photograph was cleaned for a Mortgage company requiring a certification.  When we “Quick Serviced” this roof we were told that the roof was 3 years old and that it had no debris on it.  It was 17-year-old second layer roof without any maintenance since it’s inception.
This “After” photograph was cleaned for a Mortgage company and received a certification.
This “After” photograph was cleaned for a Mortgage company and received a certification.

More often than not, a 5-Year Roof Certification generally requires work done before the certification will be issued.  In those rare situations where a 5 year roof certification is issued without any work orders needed…Keeping Realtors happy by fast service.

Those situations are when the roof is well cleaned and maintained since that roof was built.  If the roof was new less than 5 years ago, if the inspector sees no reason for any work orders or if a work order is ordered for a 5 year roof certification.  That work order will generally be ordered as follows.

JET CLEAN™ affectionately refers to this “5-Year Roof Certification” process as the cleaning process to get the certification as a “Punch-Out”. 

The “PUNCH-OUT” Steps are as Follows:

  • Clean Your Roof = Totally clean and strip all of the moss, fungus and debris while washing that old Gray color right out of the roof. Leaving a new looking roof that will puzzle even the best, pickiest and even the most difficult appraisers.
  • Repair Your Roof = Repair the roof "as needed" with the least amount of expense put into the repairs. The greatest return on your client’s investment will be realized while still considering the proper and most efficient ways to repair the problems with the roof. In some situations we do find that there are "no" repairs required at all for the 5 Year Roof Certification to be issued. Generally, the age of the roof is less than 12 years since it was built.
  • Treat Your Roof = Not available for composition roofs because oil base products dissolve Composition roofing and water base treatments don't absorb into the roof..  JET CLEAN's experience is that roof treatments for Composition roofing is a waste of money.
  • Clean All Surfaces = JET CLEAN™ also cleans most surfaces (i.e. Concrete, Blacktop, Driveways, Sidewalks, Pool Decks, Sport Courts, Wood to Vinyl) to a "as new" appearance. Lightly clean the Siding of your home assuring not to take the paint with the moss, while still leaving that freshly painted look.  Cleaning and Treating the Fence will also keep it new looking.  

For those of you who are the “Homeowners” and looking for a 5 Year Roof Certification?  JET CLEAN™ respectfully advises that you wait on the certification until you need one.  If the home inspector for the buyers asks for a certification, at that time get the certification.  The certification will not benefit you personally in any way at all.  The Roof Certification is only “for” the institution that will be financing or carrying the loan for your home’s future owners.  Of course, clean and take care of your roof for the presentation for the sale of your home.  Get a basic idea of what you might be in for, in repairs.  Do not treat your roof before the repairs are done unless JET CLEAN™ gave you a very good idea if you can certify the roof without any repairs.  Our job in regards to you the “Homeowner” is to get the roof to certify without spending a small fortune…

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